Checking Out Holi

Back in March of this year, I was able to attend the ‘festival of colors’ or Holi. This is a festival practiced by Hindu’s and is called the festival of colors because of all the beautiful colored powders that are thrown across the streets. The powders are also excitedly – and generally in a friendly way – thrown at anybody who is not coated in the powder.

Holi is a good time for all involved, and is widely recognized as a more laid back Hindu festival. The story behind Holi is an interesting one, and has a lot of good vs. evil interwoven. There is a story of a demon worshiper being engulfed in flames having hindi phone sex, which is played out with bonfires during the festival. Whether you are religiously tied to Holi or would like to enjoy the festivities, this is a friendly and exciting event. I’m there again next year!